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Coffee – Pure Harmony

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Pure Harmony with 100 percent Arabica stands for pure enjoyment. It has a taste of white chocolate and vanilla and a strong sugar note.

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If you’re looking for a full spectrum of flavor, you’ll find it in Pure Harmony coffee. Based on a 100 percent share of high-quality Arabica beans from the highlands, sweet, crisp and intense flavors unfold throughout. The taste of white chocolate and vanilla is recognizable in our Pure Harmony mix. The strong taste of sugar emphasizes the delicious combination of coffee in its purest form. In addition, Arabica beans contain less caffeine and a low content of chlorogenic acid, which is beneficial for the harmonious interconnection of aromas.


Arabica in its purest form:
Coffee beans are grown between 600 and 2100 meters above sea level. For this reason, it is also called highland or mountain coffee. Growing coffee is complex, that’s why the Arabica beans we offer are considered very high quality. Fresh air, soil conditions, temperature and certain weather conditions can be tasted from the aroma of our Pure Harmony coffee. The taste of white chocolate and vanilla makes the specialty coffee your personal favorite in its purest form. This is especially important if you prefer a strong, sweet note.

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Pure Harmony

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  1. Антонио

    „Pure Harmony“ – едноставно опседнат со вкусот!

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