What is so special about KABOSHON?

Our uncompromising focus on the best quality!

Unfortunately, today it is the case that many consumers can no longer understand the origins of their products come. We want to give people confidence in quality – with a brand whose high-quality products you can rely on at all times. We deliberately move away from pure price thinking back to the idea of ​​”best performance at a fair price”. We believe that anyone who wants something really beneficial for body and mind is also willing to pay a little more for it.


There are many good reasons to choose KABOSHON membership:

  1.  As a member you receive a price advantage of up to 20% on all our products
  2.  As a member you get a recommendation code through which you get benefits from every recommendation you make
  3.  As a member you will receive a member login with which you have an overview of all your influencer activities and bonuses
  4.  As a member you benefit from special product offers and special member events.

Therefore, whether you “just” want to be a loyal customer and want to benefit from the great products and price advantages or actively recommend our brand, as a KABOSHON member you always benefit!