About us

KABOSHON is a brand that is completely geared towards life and lifestyle. We bring high-quality and innovative everyday products to the market.
However, our mission goes far beyond beauty and fashion – we offer you the opportunity to participate in the success of our company by recommending us.
We help people to start a new life with freedom and well-being!
What is so special about KABOSHON?

Our uncompromising focus is on the best quality. Unfortunately, today it is the case that many consumers can no longer understand the origins of their products come.
We want to give people confidence in quality – with a brand whose high-quality products you can rely on at all times. We deliberately move away from pure price thinking back to the idea of “best performance at a fair price”. We believe that anyone who wants something really beneficial for body and mind is also willing to pay a little more for it . We offer exceptional quality products that are designed for everyday life and for everyone. You probably know a lot of people in your area who are interested in beauty, wellness and lifestyle.

Then why not benefit twice?

You can recommend an excellent product and receive an honest personal thank you and a lucrative financial contribution at the same time.
This shows that we combine love, health and success – it really is possible!
KABOSHON doesn’t intend to reinvent the wheel.
We offer high-quality products that most people already use today.

These include:

Many of our products are specially produced under the KABOSHON label.

As a member, you get a price advantage of up to 20 percent on the entire range. As a partner, you also have the exclusive opportunity to make product sales yourself or to recruit new members who would like to join our consumer and marketing concept. KABOSHON has an innovative business model that offers generous earning opportunities. In this way, we support people who want to achieve an independent life and financial freedom. Of course, an additional attractive income is also possible in addition to your primary job.

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