Influencer program

Europe is big and home to some of the most affluent countries in the world. So why not benefit from a market with over 500 million potential customers and cut a piece of the pie?

Today, influencing is the modern word for committed people who actively recommend services or products online.

KABOSHON™ offers you the opportunity to generate passive income or to build a business which enables you to achieve financial freedom and to live as you wish, to live and work from wherever you want to work.

… for your family, for your loved ones, for yourself.

Take the opportunity and become part of KABOSHON™.


Earn money with KABOSHON™

Recommend quality products that people use every day and earn in three ways:

  • Referral bonus for every new customer you recommend who regularly shop at Kaboshon.
  • Sales bonus for your business growth.
  • Leadership bonus for the knowledge that you pass on to make others successful.

Success is no accident

You can learn to be successful, but you have to give yourself the time. … because Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

We support you on this path.

The Kaboshon™ Academy is based on practice-oriented advanced training and is only available to our independent Kaboshon business partners. Learn while your business grows. Courses in business ownership, sales, leadership, health, wealth and life balance.

Courses that will take you further and inspire you!

Why Kaboshon™

Kaboshon™ enables you to build your own business without having to worry about the risks of self-employment.

Kaboshon™ enables you to earn an additional income without losing sight of your private and professional goals.

Regardless of whether you feel called to be an entrepreneur or simply want to earn something on the side, we always keep the doors open for you.

“Our career plan as a whole is individual, effective and will inspire you too.”