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Coffee – Bitter Creamy

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Bitter Creamy coffee combines strong notes with a distinctive taste. If you are looking for a perfect balance and at the same time want a creamy, bitter taste with a high contrast this is the right choice.

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Coffee lovers who prefer a bitter taste love the Robusta bean. They know very well that a unique taste can best be obtained from a mixture of different coffee beans. For this reason, our bitter cream blend combines Robusta with the best properties of the Arabica bean. This Coffee that is made through a process of slow roasting the bean, with an aroma of chocolate and a subsequent taste of vanilla. 30% Arabica – 70% Robusta.


Arabica and Robusta:
Many factors affect the taste of coffee. With Bitter Creamy we stand for an extraordinary blend. Thanks to the ideal growing conditions, it results in a quality taste, without the appropriate temperature, sun intensity, amount of rain and soil properties, the desired aroma will not be the same. Our Robusta beans, grown with the utmost care, have a higher caffeine content. At 70 percent, they provide a precisely dosed effect of healthy awakening. The aroma of dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla underlines the uniqueness of our special Bitter Creamy coffee.

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Bitter Creamy

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  1. Гроздан

    Не сум пробал подобро кафе од кафето на Кабошон. Сите 4 вкусови се направени со мали разлики во вкусот за да може секој да си избери такво какво што си преферира. За мене „Bitter Creamy“ е најдобро!

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