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Anti Age – Wrinkle Filler

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Wrinkle Filler – 15ml

The loss of moisture and elasticity leads to wrinkles as we age. Due to dry skin, they appear at an undesirable depth in the natural play of facial expressions. Even without an expression, they are literally written all over your face. The wrinkle depth cannot be filled with conventional home remedies alone. The right fillers can be found in the KABOSHON™ Wrinkel Filler, which plumps up the skin with an anti-aging formula. Hyaluron leads to smooth and firm skin. With regular use, the facial skin absorbs more water molecules. The result: the moisture balance increases with the hyaluronic acid content. In addition, the highly concentrated active ingredients ensure optimal storage of skin moisture.

1 review for Anti Age – Wrinkle Filler

  1. Тодорка

    Како минат годините така почнаа да се појавуваат линии и брчки на моето лице, а тоа секојдневно ме растажуваше. Ми го предложија „Wrinkel Filler“ од Кабошон и одличив да го пробам. Сега секој ден како изминува се осеќам како да подмладувам. Ефектот е неверојатен!

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