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Anti Age – Cell Repair Cream (High Lipid)

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Cell Repair Cream (High Lipid) – 50ml

Skin problems require care, which can look different for each individual case. Dry skin in particular places the highest demands on the manufacturing manufacturers. It can hardly be saved with conventional creams because special lipids are missing. They are able to repair damaged skin cells. The KABOSHON™ Cell Repair Cream (High Lipid) – consisting of squalane, shea butter and ceramides – makes the natural skin barrier functional again. This is due to the lipid properties of the substances. They prevent the oxidation of the skin’s own fats. In addition, the non-irritating ingredients promote the absorption behavior of other cosmetic applications. Customers therefore also like to use the product as a base for make-up.


The Cell Repair Cream’s high lipid content provides intensive care right down to the deepest layers of the skin. Ceramides protect against damaging environmental influences. As the skin’s own lipids, they make up around 50 percent of the skin’s composition as long as the skin’s natural aging process has not yet started. From about the age of 25, the production of ceramides decreases, which is why you need these valuable fats in your skin care. The same applies to the odorless lipid squalane, which makes up 15 percent of the skin’s own hydro-lipid film. As a further component of numerous oils, such as olive or avocado oil, it preserves the moisture of the skin like shea butter and protects against dryness lines. The natural product shea butter also contains vitamin E, beta-carotene, allantoin, non-water-soluble fats and unsaturated fatty acids.


Shea butter, squalane, ceramides

1 review for Anti Age – Cell Repair Cream (High Lipid)

  1. Татјана

    Доста време се борев со акни и барав секаде решение но беше неуспешно. Ми ги препорачаа производите за нега на лице од Кабошон и решив да ги пробам и нив. Многу сум задоволно и никогаш не ми била кожата на лицето толку убава како сега. Ги препорачувам.

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