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Cufflinks – Silver Triangle

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Kaboshon „Silver Triangle“

Cufflinks are small, but they make all the difference to regular shirt buttons. With our KABOSHON ™ cufflinks in the Silver Triangle design, you stand out from the crowd with an obvious accessory. The attention to detail stands out thanks to the finely crafted and silver-plated triangle symbol. Placed on white enamel, it looks subtle and stylish without taking the entire outfit into the background. Our cufflinks are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel for longer service life. For a secure hold, slide the dial toggle lock in an upright position through the cuff hole. Then turn the toggle back and lock it.

Silver Triangle: versatility for multiple designs

The discerning gentleman likes to add accents to his suit. They should catch the observer’s eye as a crucial element. For this reason, with our cufflinks, we give you one more optical design option in your hand. Our model, made from stainless steel, enamel, and silver, reflects every pattern and design and is highly versatile. In addition, with the gift box, which you can easily place in your wardrobe, you have quick access to your preferred accessory. The adaptability of the greyish colour of the cufflinks and the practicality can be optimally integrated into the morning routine. Choose cuffs that are suitable for cufflinks, such as French cuffs.


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