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Anti Age – Cleansing Face Tonic

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Cleansing Tonic – 150ml

An imbalance in the facial skin is often expressed in skin impurities and inflammatory skin reactions. Cleansing with water is usually not enough to regulate skin problems. If an oily sheen persists, this indicates a faulty production of the sebaceous glands. The KABOSHON™ Cleansing Tonic restores the natural balance. Antibacterial ingredients in the special facial tonic inhibit inflammation, the formation of eczema, acne and pimples. Glycerine, panthenol, aloe vera, calendula flower extract and chamomile are the main ingredients that soothe the skin. With regular use, the pH value of the skin returns to normal, creating the basis for healthy skin.


Glycerine helps moisturize the skin. The active ingredient draws water upwards from the depths of your skin layers. In order to keep the moisture in the upper layers up to the skin’s surface, glycerine is combined with moisturizing ingredients. The face can no longer dry out and promote inflammatory processes. For this effective effect, the KABOSHON™ Cleansing Tonic also contains the ingredient panthenol. The active ingredient promotes the regeneration of damaged skin cells and strengthens the natural skin barrier. The wound-healing and regenerative process gets reinforcement from the plant world. The extract of calendula, also known as marigold, also inhibits bacterial attack and contributes to cell renewal.

1 review for Anti Age – Cleansing Face Tonic

  1. Марија

    Го чисти лицето совршено! После напорен ден поминат со шминка на моето лице, тоникот на Кабошон ми го враќа природниор сјај на лицето.

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