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Wallet for cards – Double Black

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KABOSHON Card Wallets “Double  Black”

Our KABOSHON ™ Card Wallet in the “double case black” version, measuring 9.8 x 6.5 x 2.3 cm, is extremely practical. It fits comfortably in the pocket of the organized gentleman without creating a feeling of tightness. Our “double black” model undoubtedly answers the frequently asked question about the correct format for business and everyday life. Conventional wallets, on the other hand, steal space and time. The perfectly integrated double-designed covers are made of aluminium – one of the most valuable metals in production. Light in weight, stable and self-protecting, it is one of the most popular neutral materials. Moreover, we stylishly embed it in a unique design for you. Surrounded by pure leather, it corresponds to the aesthetic perception of the wearer.


Black Double Case: Harmony between comfort and timeless style

Many wallets are practical, but they do not always suit the taste of the individual. Our version is classic black leather, the modern element of the double aluminium cover for credit cards, with subtle compartmentalization for banknotes and cards. Your desire for optimal organization and timeless style is fulfilled. The push button that securely holds the chic design together is also made in black and subtly decorated with our logo. We prove our love of detail with our brand name KABOSHON ™ embossed on the inside.


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