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Wallet for cards – Crazy Horse

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KABOSHON Card Wallets “Crazy Horse”

The “Crazy Horse” wallet by KABOSHON ™ is made of the finest cowhide leather. The popular type of leather is robust and stable – properties that are essential for frequent use in everyday professional and private life. If you are looking for longevity and durability, you have come to the right place with our card wallets. Without being intrusive or extravagant, the model with 7.5 x 2.5 x 10 cm dimensions is in a class of its own. It serves fashionable men who want to emphasize their personality with accessories. In addition to the subtle elegance of the dark brown colour, the organizational options are also important. The aluminium cover with RFID protection offers optimal space for several credit cards, while the interior provides a compartment for banknotes.


Crazy Horse: Minimalism with multiple effects

If you like to dress stylishly, you need our card wallet in the correct format. Our Crazy Horse model fits comfortably in any jacket or trouser pocket without showing itself through the fabric. An invisible companion that makes a deep impression on the viewer when it is used. Details such as the copper button with the curved logo of our brand make an essential contribution.

What attracts such attention needs protection. For this reason, the card cover is made of aluminium with RFID protection (Radio-Frequency Identification). It protects against digital pickpocketing, in which the thief uses a pin device to withdraw money from someone else’s account. So if you are travelling by public transport, you no longer need to worry about it.


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