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  • Coffee – Bitter Creamy

    865 ден3.190 ден

    Bitter Creamy coffee combines strong notes with a distinctive taste. If you are looking for a perfect balance and at the same time want a creamy, bitter taste with a high contrast this is the right choice.

  • Coffee – Creamy Gold

    940 ден3.259 ден

    Creamy Gold coffee mainly stands for the sweet, aromatic taste of vanilla and hazelnut. Try our unique Creamy Gold coffee and expand your wealth.

  • Coffee – Fifty Fifty

    910 ден3.230 ден

    If you don’t want an extreme, but a balanced taste, the best choice for you is FiftyFifty coffee.

  • Coffee – Pure Harmony

    980 ден3.330 ден

    Pure Harmony with 100 percent Arabica stands for pure enjoyment. It has a taste of white chocolate and vanilla and a strong sugar note.