7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Viscose from Bamboo Clothing

It’s the fastest growing plant on the planet. Pandas love to eat it. It’s used for everything from cooking to making clothing, and many things in between.

We’re talking about bamboo, of course!

While bamboo has been used in Asia for many centuries, bamboo wasn’t used to make clothing until the early 2000s. After Bejing University developed the process of turning bamboo into viscose fabric, textile-creation was added to the long list of “uses for bamboo.” 

How Viscose from Bamboo Fabric is Made

Fabric made from bamboo is called “viscose from bamboo” or simply “bamboo viscose.” This fabric is actually a type of rayon. It is made by extracting cellulose from wood pulp. Although it is technically a man made fabric, bamboo viscose is created from natural materials. The process of making bamboo viscose fabric involves the use of solvents to break down the bamboo and bleaching chemicals to dye the fibers white. The fibers are then woven into a fabric, typically with a blend of viscose and lyra or spandex to ensure the fabric holds its shape. The result is an ultra-soft and luxurious fabric that can be crafted into clothing, sheets, and even towels. While viscose from bamboo still isn’t as well known as cotton, it’s definitely making a name for itself in the clothing market. In fact, from 2004 to 2010, the market for bamboo viscose fabric grew by a whopping 5,000% due to its affordability, availability, and soft, pliable texture—but there are so many other things that bamboo great! Here are seven of the most widely recognized benefits of bamboo viscose clothing

7 Benefits of Clothing Made from Bamboo Viscose

1. Viscose from Bamboo is Super Soft on Sensitive Skin

This fabric’s biggest claim to fame is its unbelievable silky softness. Its incredible soft feel makes it the perfect material for sensitive skin. It is an excellent fabric for pajamas, t-shirts, and hats.

2. Luxury at the Right Price

The buttery-soft feel of bamboo viscose fabric is ultra-luxurious and sumptuous. The quality and appearance of viscose from bamboo rivals that of expensive and often unattainable fabrics.

3. It is Lightweight and Breathable

Fabric made from bamboo visocose has excellent ventilation, so you will never get too hot. It is good to wear in all seasons because it regulates heat; this means it feels cool in warm weather and warmer in cool weather. It is ideal for yoga, exercise, sports, gardening, and tons of other “sweaty” activities because it will keep you cooler and comfortable. 

4. It is Durable and Pill-Resistant

Bamboo viscose clothing is strong, durable, and long-lasting. It is also resistant to pilling to keep it looking good, even after many wears and washes.

5. Bamboo is Low Maintenence

Unlike other luxury fabrics, bamboo is machine washable on the delicate cycle with cool water, and it can even be tumble dried (although drying flat is recommended). There’s no need for dry cleaning, hand washing, or fabric softeners. Furthermore, there’s no need to get your ironing board out; wrinkles can be easily and quickly removed with a handheld steamer or by lightly straying with water and laying flat. 

6. Viscose from Bamboo is Flattering and Beautiful

Bamboo viscose is colorfast and accepts organic and natural dyes extremely well, leading to rich and beautiful hues. Soft and luxe, this fabric has a gorgeous “draping” quality that gives it an elegant, flattering look. Although viscose from bamboo clothing is widely used in casual wear, its luxurious quality lends it to beautiful dresses and skirts as well. It is easy to dress up with a patterned bamboo scarf and solid-colored dress and. Try mixing and matching colors and textures to get a unique and dimensional look.

7. The Bamboo Plant is a Renewable Resource

The bamboo plant is actually a giant, woody grass. It’s super fast growing, and some species can even grow over 3 feet per day. This makes bamboo a highly renewable resource. Additionally, unlike many other plants, bamboo contains an antibacterial bio-agent called Bamboo Kun and is naturally pest resistant, so pesticides and fungicides are oftentimes not needed in the growing process. The bamboo plant also improves air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air (more than many other heavily farmed plants, such as cotton), and releasing large amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere. 

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